About FAW

The Fencing Academy of Westchester (“FAW”) is a fencing school and club located in Hawthorne, New York that serves the Tri-State Area. The club provides fencing instruction in all Olympic weapons, Foil, Epee and Saber, to children age 6 and up, teens and adults. Our members include beginner and recreational fencers who bout “for fun”, high school fencers who compete at the local and national level, college fencers who compete in NCAA Division I programs, and world class fencers on the U.S. National Team who compete internationally. FAW also serves as a world class training facility where its students and club members can practice and take classes with top athletes in the sport and receive advanced state-of-the art training.

The Head Coach and Director, Slava Grigoriev is a two time Olympian and recognized as one of the top coaches in the United States today. His passion and dedication to the sport of fencing has helped to create a club that is unrivaled in the region. FAW’s cadre of coaches, include former Olympians and many with graduate degrees from top eastern European sports programs. All are dedicated to helping their students gain self-confidence, coordination, focus and precision as well as to develop a winning attitude through good sportsmanship in order to realize their full potential as athletes. Our programs include daily private and group lessons, open bouting, club competitions, summer camps for school age fencers of all abilities, and advanced training.

Since its opening in 2002, FAW became the first facility of its kind in Westchester devoted exclusively to the Olympic sport of fencing. Since then, FAW has become one of the leading fencing facilities in the United States and the premiere club in Westchester. It is home to some of the top ranked fencers in the country and in the world. Many of our recreational high school fencers become leading members of their high school varsity teams and often go on to compete in college. FAW training has been instrumental in gaining member students placements on fencing teams in some of the nation’s top colleges and universities including Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Penn, Cornell, Brown, Duke, Stamford, NYU, Notre Dame, Vassar and Rice.