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"Fencing is the thrilling sound of steel meeting steel. It is the sweet taste of victory and the personal growth accompanying both victory and defeat. Become involved in fencing--it will help you acquire the reflexes of a boxer, the legs of a high jumper, and the concentration of a tournament chess player. The sport develops your agility, strength, speed, and cunning. Because it is action-packed, it is known as the fastest martial art. But the best thing about fencing is- IT'S FUN!"

United States Fencing Association


North American Cup, November 2017,Kancas City, MO

Lutar, Lucas won Bronze in Youth 14 Men's Foil

Teddy Lombardo won Bronze in Junior Men's Epee



New year and again best collages accepted our fencers!!! 






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From left to right - Broun, Columbia , Harvard ,Cornell ,Notre Dame , Harvard , Harvard , George Washington , Penn State  and  Cornell