Summer camps: registration & info

For register fill out application and sent to Fencing Academy of Westchester (40 Saw Mill River Rd,Hawthorne,NY,10532) with check for $50 (pay to the order of FAW)

For the third year in a row, we are offering multi-camp discounts. For all campers(FAW members), there will be a 10% discount for each camp attended,limit for discount three camps. For example, if a member (who already receives a 10% discount off of the original $500 fee) were to attend the first camp, the price would be $450. If they were to attend the second camp, the price would be $400, for the third it would be $350, for fourth - $350.

Camps are the best time of the year both to be introduced to the sport of fencing and to hone the experienced fencer's skills for the upcoming season.

10.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am to 1.00pm Saturday  

For beginners, the first three days of the camps will introduce them to each of the three weapons in fencing (foil, epee, and saber). The fourth day will be a fencing games day (a perennial favorite among campers). The fifth day, beginners will each choose their favorite of the three weapons, and practice with the experienced campers. The sixth day of the camp is a competition day, and usually ends around 1pm.

For national and international level fencers, the summer is a great time to make up for lost training opportunities during the busy school year. 


Summer camp session # 1 - July 17  - July 22 Coaches: Vadim, Anton

Summer camp session # 2 - July 24  - July 29 Coaches: Vadim

Summer camp session # 3 - July 31 - August 5 Coaches: Slava, Renal

Summer Camp session # 4 - August 7 - August 12 Coaches: Slava, Renal

Summer camp session # 5 - August 14  - August 19 Coaches: Slava, Renal, Anton, Vadim

Summer camp session # 6 - August 21   - August 26 Coaches: Slava, Alex, Anna, Dima, Renal, Anton, Vadim

Summer camp session # 7 - August 28  - September 2 Coaches: Slava ,Alex, Anna, Dima, Renal, Anton



Camp Applications are available by clicking the "Camps" link to the right of the screen.

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